Energy Saving In The Home Part 1

The concept of the smart home and energy saving may seem like a contradiction to the average Joe blogs, the smart home encompasses the idea of using far more energy through now electrifying previously manual chores and events; from your thermostat to a talking toilet that will analyze your excrement.

Energy saving on the other hand may be viewed as the tree hugger that lives in an environmentally friendly mud shack and may result to essentially in humane methods to survive.

 These however are just stereotypes and in reality they can work together and have a mutual benefit. As we live today we are wasting an abundance of energy in our homes. We are not analyzing where our energy is going and what we need it for most importantly. If we essentially use appliances that consume a higher amount of energy at different times of the day and even during different weather conditions we could reduce our carbon footprint massively.

 Energy Elephant is a Trinity based green business idea that views how energy is produced in Ireland 4 times an hour. It then relays the information and tells us through a very simple Traffic light system; Red, Orange and Green what times are most environmentally friendly, i.e how much energy is being produced by means of the wind. On the 30th of January this is how it looked.This means that 16% of our energy at this moment in time is being produced through wind energy in Ireland. Reducing the need to burn fossil fuels, import fuels and damage our atmosphere.


By just shifting our mentality and using technology in this simple form can allow us all to reduce our carbon footprint.

 The idea of a smart home is in the name, it is smart. It can analyze what is happening in the home, track the users habits and routine and tailor the usage of various appliances that is most effective for the user but most important, using the resources available most efficiently. Through one Google search “what is a smart home?” It tells me it is “a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer”.  This is an extremely simplistic view and also very narrow-minded. There is a lot more in my opinion to smart homes, it is commencing the Internet of things. With the growing advances in technology on a daily basis down to Nano technology we have to look at smart homes with a far bigger scope than just the physical attributes to our homes.

 We see in the “Energy Saving Through Smart Home” it is an idea of integrating the various services so that they can work in tandem to make your home an easier place to live and operate within.

At it’s simplest it means that appliances will be able to communicate with each other, collect data, analyze it and make decisions that otherwise a human would have to make manually. Throughout my blog series I will analyze the applications on the market at the moment and those that are currently in development that will enhance the concept of the smart home and eventually be part of all of our lives.


 We look forward to talking about Nest, recently acquired by Google for $3.2 billion. Googles sees this as the way forward but what could Google want with a company that sells Digital Thermostats? Until next time, Siri I’m Home followers.

David Henry



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